St Clare Garden uses sustainable methods because growing food in a responsible way means:

  • Healthy living soils
  • Clean water
  • Clean air
  • Healthy food
  • A healthy economy
  • Healthy people

For generations to come.

Sustainability is a part of everything we do at St. Clare Garden.  Here are some of the actions we take:

  • We rotate crops to maximize soil health
  • We use cover crops and green manure to sequester carbon, promote a living soil biome, and maximize available nutrients while minimizing off-farm inputs.
  • We use human-scale tools rather than heavy machinery to reduce soil compaction and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We do not use petroleum-derived fertilizers
  • We manage plant and animal pests without the use of harmful chemicals.  If we do need to apply pesticide or herbicide, we follow USDA Organic standards.