The farm

The land that is now St. Clare Garden was managed by the University of Wisconsin Extension service as part of the Forest Hill Community Garden.  It occupies a rise overlooking Oak Creek.  The parcel that is now St. Clare Garden had not been farmed for at least a decade when farmer Chris rented it.  With generous help from Extension, the parcel was plowed, and piping for water access was added.  It is a quiet and beautiful piece of an old rural landscape surrounded by a growing suburb.

While St. Clare Garden is more or less a one-person venture, it could not exist without support from family and friends who come to pitch in labor, partnerships with other area farmers, educational and material help from nonprofits and government agencies, and incredible families, individuals, restaurants, and institutions who have chosen to eat St. Clare Garden vegetables.

Some people might romanticize farming as a solitary pursuit.  That could not be further from the truth.  St. Clare Garden truly is a community endeavor.  One’s heart overflows with gratitude.