What makes St. Clare Garden unique?

There are a lot of great people growing excellent local produce in the Milwaukee area.  If you don’t buy from St. Clare Garden, buy from someone!  However, we think St. Clare Garden’s veggies are the best you’ll taste.  

  • St. Clare garden is small by choice.  Staying small means each crop and each customer gets lots of attention.  It also means most labor can be done by human power, rather than machine power.  Close attention can be paid to stewarding and restoring the land.  
  • St. Clare Garden is local.  Farmer Chris Dwyer is from Milwaukee lives in Milwaukee.  The farm is just eleven miles from downtown Milwaukee.  We’re proud to provide great produce to all the neighborhoods of a great city!
  • St. Clare Garden is flexible.  Our small size means we can go the extra mile to help each customer.