Who is Saint Clare?

Clare Offreduccio was born in Assisi, Italy in the 14th century.  As a young woman she met the revolutionary mystic Francis Bernardone and left her aristocratic family behind to became one of his first followers.  Francis preached about the need for reform in society.  He believed that truth, meaning, and beauty could be found all around us, not just through the official church.  He had a special reverence for nature.  Clare became the head of the female branch of the Franciscans, and rose to a position of leadership no woman had ever occupied in the church.

So why is the farm named after her?

  • Farmer Chris Dwyer’s wife is named Clara.  She’s an incredible person, and while she’s not a farmer, she is a vital source of inspiration and support for Chris.
  • Saint Clare was a person who saw the need for a radical shift in society.  She wanted a return to simplicity and goodness;  a return to connection with each other and the earth.  We see a similar need to change our food system.  It’s  a big step toward having healthy food for healthy people in a healthy economy on a healthy planet.
  • In an age when few women held positions of power, Saint Clare fearlessly rose to the highest levels of leadership.  We would do well to look to such examples today.